Not Anything Can Say

But we are all likely to say unkind things, to tell lies (including “white lies”) So if there's an urge to say something, is it really “repression” not to. Comprehensive list of synonyms for to stop talking or to not say anything, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus.

You know the saying that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all? I'm not referring here simply to the advice your mother might have. What you say will stay even after you're dead. As long as the world endures that evil will endure. It will not go away even after you die. Tell him it's not okay. Because those people will never understand your silence. So it's better to show them something than to just watch.

Hi Guys! Which one is the correct word to use in this context: Don't say nothing or Don't say anything. Thanks!). Nothing stakes out a position more firmly, and more provocatively, than “no,” and increasingly, it's far easier to simply not say it. Just last week I saw someone comment on Amazon's policy, saying something like: “Amazon is infringing on my freedom of speech by not.

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